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This entire World Wide Web site is copyrighted under United States law and protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. Sealy encourages its retailers to utilize the vast amount of product and related material featured on its Web site to assist them in selling Sealy products. However, due to the relative ease of accessing, copying and modifying information and data, we have established some simple guidelines, which we request each retailer follow:

  • Any text used directly from the Sealy Web site may not be altered in any way. All product-specific, corporate and industry information has been written to meet required legal guidelines, and modification may compromise these guidelines.
  • Graphics featured on the Sealy Web site may not be downloaded without permission from a senior member of the Sealy Marketing Department. Some graphic items featured on the Sealy Web site have limited usage rights. Unauthorized usage may subject a retailer to fines or additional talent costs required by talent agents.


Sealy is the owner or authorized licensee of numerous trademarks which have been used throughout this website. The trademarks or service marks contained in this Web site are the property of Sealy or where noted, third parties (such as in the case of Tempur-Pedic®, which is owned by Tempur Pedic International, Inc). You may not use any of these trademarks or service marks in any way, for example, you may not use any such marks as links to this Web site from other Web sites, or as machine-readable search terms ("metatags").

Reservation of Rights

Sealy reserves the right to change or discontinue at any time, without notice, any materials, statements, specifications, models, products, or services described on this Web site, or the availability thereof. Products, methods, and processes described on this Web site may be covered by U.S. or foreign patents and/or other intellectual property rights.


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Sealy, Inc., makes no representations about Web sites accessed through this site which are not maintained, controlled or created by Sealy, Inc. Sealy, Inc., does not endorse these sites and is not responsible for their content.

  1. Sealy, Inc. only account
  2. Sealy, Inc. dominant account with at least a 50% Sealy, Inc. Balance of Share
  3. Accounts that have at least $3MM in Sealy, Inc. sales
  • Retailers must be in compliance with the above Material Usage Guidelines.
  • Hyperlinks may be removed at Sealy’s sole discretion for any reason.

Hyperlink from Retail Web Site to Sealy Web Site

To create a hyperlink between a retail Web site and Sealy’s Web site, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The retailer must be an authorized Sealy retailer in good standing.
  2. No unsubstantiated claims may be made about the relationship between Sealy and the retailer.
  3. The proper use of all Sealy graphics and text must be maintained with the retailer’s Web site.
  4. The retailer name must be featured on the retailer’s Web site.
  5. The use of Sealy graphics or text must be subordinate to the use of the retailer’s name.
  6. If Sealy’s name is used in the Web site address, the retailer name must be the visual focal point seen upon landing to the Web site.
  7. The retailer's Web site must contain appropriate content in Sealy’s sole discretion.
  • Retailers will not show models on their Web site that they don’t regularly have as floor samples.
  • While retailers are free to advertise and set retail prices, retailers acknowledge that they have read and understand the Brand Image Pricing Guidelines issued by Sealy.


Information on this site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Information on this Web site may contain typographical errors, technical inaccuracies or other errors and may be changed at any time without notice. Sealy, Inc., has a policy of continuous improvement of products and reserves the right to make improvements or changes to products without notice.

Site Policies, Modification and Severability

We reserve the right to make changes to our site, policies and these Terms of Use at any time. If any of these terms shall be deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, that term shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining term.