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Benefits of Letting Your Pet Sleep in Bed with You

— by Sealy on Jun 8, 2022

Having a pet has so many wonderful benefits. A furry companion may lower stress and anxiety while also encouraging physical exercise. Caring for a pet can help children learn how to handle responsibility and provide an incredible sense of safety and security. Another pet perk is sharing your sleep space. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential benefits of sleeping with your dog or cat.

Dog laying on bed with thought bubble filled with bones

Studies have shown that the relaxation you feel when your pet is near may also help you fall asleep at night. This relaxing effect is partially due to physical touch. Playing or interacting with your dog or cat is proven to increase oxytocin levels in adults and reduce cortisol levels in children. So, the next time you’re having a restless night, try snuggling up to your furry friend to help you calm down and settle into sleep.

Another benefit of having a dog or cat in your home is strengthened immunity. According to the National Library of Medicine, pets can increase the diversity of microorganisms in your home – potentially bolstering the human immune system. While more research is needed, some scientists believe that sharing a bed with your pet may provide even more protection than just sharing a living space.

Additionally, studies have shown that infants and children who grow up with cats and dogs in their homes are 50% less likely to become allergic to them by the time they’re 18. Allowing babies to be safely exposed to at least two dogs or cats in their first year of life can reduce their risk of developing other allergies such as dust mites, bluegrass, and ragweed.

Lastly, we recommend always having a mattress protector on your bed when sleeping with your pet. No matter how well-trained your pet may be, accidents happen, and no one likes waking up to a ruined mattress.

Keep cozying up and rest easy with your furry best friend, and don’t forget to tag us in your social posts with #ProudSupporterofYou – we’d love to see them!

Sources: Sleep Foundation, National Library of Medicine

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