Mattress Warranty

We strive for perfection in every facet of your sleep-filled nights. That said, on the off chance your mattress isn't to your requirements, we ask that you register your mattress online or with the warranty card that came with your bed. So you’re covered.

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Sleep even better knowing you’re covered. Mail in your warranty card or register your mattress online.

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View Your Warranty

Having an issue with a sleep set you bought from a Sealy retailer? Sealy wants to know about it. First read through these warranty highlights. This will help start the warranty claim process.
Your warranty is dependent on your purchase date.

I purchased my mattress:
Before June 2003
After June 2003
Flameguard protection
Purchased since 2008

File a Warranty Claim

Need to file a claim? To get things going, please answer a few questions. You will also need copies of your sales receipt and bedding law label to fill out the form. Then you’re on your way.

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